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At Duett Design we like to be as transparent as possible from the very beginning. Here is a step-by-step guide to what you should expect when working with Duett Design:


Step 1: Initial Design Consultation

For our first meeting, we come to your home and discuss your design goals, priorities/preferences, analyze your needs, establish the scope of work, and begin discussing the project budget. By the end of this meeting you will know our initial ideas and any advice we may have.

Step 2: The Proposal

Next we will go back to our office and based on the input we received during the Initial Design Consultation, we will calculate the number of hours we expect your project to take and determine the design fee. This fee covers our time to work on your project (Steps 3-5), source products, find fabrics, price labor, meet with vendors, etc. We will invite you to join our client portal, where all of the details of your proposal will be readily available online. That is where you will also find our contract, and upon signing it (and pay the design fee) we will begin working our magic and turning your ideas/dreams into a reality!


Step 3: Schematic Design

Time to measure. We come to measure all the rooms, windows, existing pieces and then take the data back to the office to draw layout plans and develop schematic design options. This is the most fun part for us! After the initial schematic design, we will meet again and review the proposed options with you. Be prepared to see lots of images of furniture, art, light fixtures, rugs and other details. We will also have fabric, finishes, and paint samples on the table. Your part during this meeting is to let us know what you like and don’t like so we can go back to the office and further develop our design for you.


Step 4: Design Development

The next step is to refine and revise. Once you selected a design direction, Duett Design adds detail, incorporates requested changes, and selects items - all within your design aesthetic and budget.


Step 5: Final Design Presentation

At this point we have a polished vision and are ready to present the Final Design Presentation. You will see scaled floor plans, samples, selections and pricing for the entire design. Changes can be made at the final presentation, but typically there shouldn’t be a lot since the last meeting we had ruled out the things you did not like. If at this point you require a completely new design, additional fees may occur.


Step 6: Product Procurement and Project Management

Once we have received your official seal of approval, we will start ordering all the products and items - after we receive the payment for the product invoice (which can all be handled in our client portal). Please be aware that lead times vary for different items from different companies. It is safe to plan for anything between 10-16 weeks … we know that is a long wait but it will be well worth it!


An additional fee and is taken at this time to cover our time to manage the project. We handle scheduling all of the labor (painter, millwork, wallpaper, pillows etc.), ordering product, coordinating delivery, and dealing with damaged goods. This fee also includes our time to oversee installation and accessorize. We include this fee estimate in the invoice we present to you at the Final Design Presentation. 


Step 7: Installation

Installation Day … this is when it all comes together. We like to do most of the install in one or two days and prefer to have the space to ourselves. When you come home we will present you the space you waited for - who doesn’t love a big reveal?? And now it is time for you to kick back, relax, and enjoy your new space!



Note: All correspondence will be returned within 24 business hours. Regular business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. 

How much does it cost?


There is not one simple answer to that question so we will say, it depends ... This is not the answer you wanted, and we totally understand; however, it really does. It depends on the home, how much furniture you already have, your timeline, etc.


Our Initial Consult (#1 above) fee is $250. We come to your house, see the space, get to know you, and pump out as much advice as we can commit to in that hour. Then, we can tell you what our design fee would be to design your home. We estimate our design fee based on the amount of hours we think it will take to source, design, sketch, meet, and present the design. You then get to decide how you want to proceed. We very rarely go over our estimate and always let our clients know before that happens. 


How long will the project take?


Depending on schedules, the design process typically takes 4 to 6 weeks. Furniture TYPICALLY takes 10-16 weeks to come in - but this can vary if you are ordering custom made pieces, etc.


Can I make revisions?


Yes! You can make revisions (two to be precise). But if we have to do a complete re-design at the end of the design process, we may have to charge additional fees. 


Do prices ever change?


Periodically, our vendors will have a pricing increase. The increase is typically nominal but it does happen. Occasionally, items will be discontinued. But don’t worry, it is our job to find alternatives. 


Anything else? Email us. Call Us. We are happy to walk you through it. 

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