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Paint - it's not as simple as it sounds!

Do you know that every paint color has its own story: undertones and characteristics? Being attracted to a specific hue doesn't mean this one will work in or on your home. Paint is made out of three main components: Pigments, Binder & Solvent. The Binder holds the pigment, the solvent turns the binder and pigment into a thinner easier to apply fluid. The color of your paint is specified by the pigment. Depending on the sheen, surface underneath and the product used the color of the paint might turn out differently. It is also important to take the surroundings into consideration and how they are reflected on the surface you are planning to pain. Painting you home inside or out is an investment and it is important to do I right in the first place. We do offer specific paint consultations to help you choose the right color and product for the look and feel you are trying to accomplish. Give us a call: 770-765-6695.

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