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The Duett Design-Process

Design Process - explained

We have a very specific process for our design work. No matter how big or small the project - best results come from following the design processes as established by our firm.

Step 1)

Discovery Call - to learn more about you, your project and of course to explain how we work.

Step 2)

Initial Design Consultation

This meeting will be on site, we will walk thru your whole home discuss ideas and the areas you want our help with. We will take pictures and measure if needed. It is crucial for all further steps that we can gather all necessary information. The Design Consultation also helps us to define the scope and give you a good estimate of the work requested. After that meeting you will receive a summary of everything discussed and initial recommendations how to move forward.

Step 3)

Concept Design

4 weeks after signing our contract, proposal letter and paying fees we will meet again to present the Design Concept. This concept is a high level idea session where we show you the direction, possible layouts and color/material stories. This is a good time for us to look into your likes and don't likes. We will review layout options and gather your input so we can work on the final design plan.

Step 4)

Design Plan

Duett Design will go back and further develop the design as presented in Step 3. We will be working on details, drawings, pulling finishes and fixtures, sourcing furniture and create the final color story for your project. All those will be presented to you in our Final Design presentation, which will be around 8 weeks after project start.

Step 5)


The procurement phase starts right after Design Plan approval. We will collect payments for all items approved and start order and procurement of all furnishings and products. After release of lead-times Duett Design will work on a detailed schedule, manage vendors and track logistics. Big part of our work during the procurement phase is project troubleshooting and problem solving! Let's be honest - the beautiful end product will be troublesome down the road but we are here to keep the pain as minimal as possible.

Step 6)


This is what we all worked hard for. Install day, usually is a full day (and sometimes more). We asked that we have the home to ourself so we can work the magic with our team.

Step 7)

Project END

This includes a final walk thru, style adjustments and possibly a media day for photography.

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