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Duett Design is about collaboration: sharing ideas and doing things together.
"Great design communicates clearly."


Katja Lauterbach
Lead Designer and Owner
Katja Lauterbach
Lead Designer & Owner

Interior Design Professional with a passion for travel. 

Katja has many years of Project Management and Design experience. She brings a deep level of detail orientation into her work and has designed commercial as well as residential spaces in Europe and the South. Katja relocated to Atlanta with her family 13 years ago.


Born and raised in Europe her designs are strongly influenced by her unique European heritage. Her style is modern with a touch of European sophistication. Katja gets inspired by her travels - she brings a global vision to every design. Designing for her means creating function, mood and harmony in a room using clean lines and interesting layers.


Katja holds degrees in Design and Business. She completed her MBA at Humboldt University, Berlin and received awards from New York Institute of Art and Design where she earned her degree in Interior Design. Being interested in special fields within Design she took classes in Feng Shui and continues to educate herself in sustainable design.

Cindy Robinson Duett Design

Cindy has several years of Travel and Organization experience, as well as a passion for helping others. She brings a calm and supportive approach to both areas, this coming from her 7 years of training as a Licensed Massage Therapist and teaching meditation. She is a Georgia native (or as she likes to say, "happened to be born in the right place") and resides here with her family and her many farm animals on their mini-homestead.


As a Travel Specialist, Cindy uses her adventures around the world to serve as inspiration. She wants others to experience what she believes is the "perfect recipe" for a memorable travel experience: going to the right place for you, having unique experiences, within a budget you feel good about. She believes you don't have to break the bank to see the world, and have an amazing time while doing it! 


As an Organization Specialist, Cindy has a unique "laid back" approach. She feels strongly that being organized doesn't mean everything has to be exact and in place. Clutter and disorganization can cause feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated. Her goal for every project is to help you overcome those feelings and create a space that is both functional and inspirational. In other words, it makes you feel happy!

Cindy Robinson
Travel & Organization Specialist
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